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Director / main coach


Started playing soccer at the age of four. During his high school days, he was selected as a representative of Kagoshima prefecture. After graduating from high school, he went to the United States alone to study sports. He attended Citrus College, a junior college near Los Angeles, and continued playing soccer while studying.

After earning credits at Citrus College, he transferred to California State University, Northridge, which belongs to NCAA Division 1. He played with the school's soccer team while studying exercise science.

After obtaining his B.S. in Exercise Science, he was approached by a professional indoor soccer team and played as a professional in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for four years. He won the divisional championship and 3rd place in the United States with his team. After retiring as a professional player, he became more active in his coaching career and became a coach at Citrus College.


USSF Official Soccer Coaching License

JFA official C-class soccer coaching license


[Player history]


Dragon FC Kagoshima

Takeokadai Soccer club

Diamante FC Kagoshima

Takeoka Junior High School (selected by Kagoshima Prefecture)

Kagoshima Chuo High School (Kagoshima Prefecture Selection / National Athletic Meet Selection)

Citrus College

California State University, Northridge

Anaheim Bolts (PASL)

Ontario Fury (MASL)

Las Vegas Legends (MASL)


[Coaching history]


2012-2018 Citrus College Soccer Club Coach (USA)

GK Private Coach (USA)

SCSG GK Camp Coach (USA)

Fukuoka J. Anclas Nova Coach, etc.

​2020- LEXIS international soccer school director


Technical coach


In his middle and high school years, he played an active part as a core player of the team. He was also selected as a representative of Kumamoto.

Even after joining the Higashi-Fukuoka High School Soccer Club, he achieved numerous high results both individually and as a team. He played in the national championship game and was awarded "Player of the Tournament". In college, he was also selected as a representative in Kyushu.

After graduating from university, he chose to become a soccer coach even though he got some offers from professional clubs.

From the 2020 season, he is leading the U18 team of Fukuoka J. Anclas.


[Player History]



UKI-C.FC U-15 (Kumamoto Prefecture Selection / National Athletic Meet Selection)

Higashi Fukuoka High School (National High School Championship Game Best Player)

Kyushu Sangyo University ( Kyushu selection)


[Coaching History]


Higashi Fukuoka High School Coach

Fukuoka J. Anclas Nova Director


Kids coach


サッカー 未就学児

Was born and raised in Mexico City. She moved to the United States when she was 15 years old and is fluent in English and Spanish. Alma was a multi-sport athlete and participated in soccer, cross-country, and track and field, and softball. 

Alma started playing soccer at the age of 16 at Fairfax high school. During her high school years she was selected as first and second team in the western league conference and won MVP.  Just like in high school Alma kept playing soccer at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC), where she was also recognized for her athleticism. After graduating from LAVC Alma transferred to California State University, Northridge. There she obtained a B.A in Psychology and a Master in Educational psychology with an emphasis in Early childhood Education.  Before moving to Japan Alma worked as a preschool teacher at two well know preschools in Los Angeles.


[Player history]


Fairfax High School (USA)

Los Angeles Valley College (USA)


[Teaching history]


ONEgeneration preschool teacher (USA)

UCLA preschool teacher (USA)

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