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`` We cultivate talents who go out into the world''

In recent years, with the progress of globalization, human resources who can speak English are required all over Japan. However, not many children will be able to speak English after receiving the current compulsory education in Japan. One reason is that there is very little opportunity to speak and listen to English in Japan.

"Is there any way that we can create an environment where children can be exposed to English as much as possible in daily life here in Japan?” When I thought about it, I came up with the concept of "learning soccer in English." We think that you can learn English efficiently by getting used to English while having fun through soccer, rather than learning English just through a book.

I sincerely hope that as many children as possible will become familiar to English through this soccer school, look abroad, and play an active role in the world in the future.

Origin of the school name

"Learning English    X     International Sports "

                            L E X I S

LEXIS is a Greek term meaning "word" or "speech." This name was decided from the desire to have children learn English while having fun learning soccer. In the future we hope that our students will be interested in other cultures and traditions and play an active role in the world.

Features of our school

① Improvement of soccer skills and knowledge

Our coaches have extensive coaching and player experience and are committed to developing their knowledge and skills.  The players will learn not only the basics, but also useful technics that can be used in a game. In addition, at our school, in order to bring out the potential of each player, they will experience various positions from GK to FW.

② Get used to English

Learn English happily through soccer. The players will get used to English by listening to the English used by bilingual coaches and using it on the spot. The explanation is in Japanese and English, so even beginners can rest assured!

③ Learn how to use your body

By learning how to use your body properly, you will build a strong body with few injuries. Also, by learning efficient movements, you will gain the power to move faster and more accurately.

④ Positive social and emotional development 

Soccer is a team sport. You can learn many things through soccer, such as cooperation, sociability, communication skills, independence, self-esteem, responsibility, leadership, determination, and judgment.


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